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 Another great day but needle felting this time.  Striking results - great work everyone.


 A very talented group today. Great use of colour and imagination ran riot!  Stitching may be added to some but to others no necessity!  Well done!

Prior to wetting wool

Great day glass painting yesterday.  Lovely results!  The next glass painting workshop will be a new project - to glass paint an oil lamp.  Date to be decided.  Please contact me if you would like to go on a waiting list. 

Wet Felting sunflowers by Ann - very effective!

Wet Felting is very freeing!  The whole experience is very relaxing and rewarding.  It is possible to buy gift vouchers - how lovely to treat someone to an experience and for them to make something that they will treasure for ever! Some people like to embroider on top of wet felting but you can also needle felt details onto a design.  And sometimes it’s just perfect as it is!!!

Recent photos from a great wet felting workshop

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