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 Alex is eventually finished and although I shouldn't say so I love it!  Estelle Robinson is a brilliant teacher so if you are interested do contact her.  She also does workshops.  I'm keen to do a portrait of my son now but needless to say, he's not keen!


 Just worked on the hat today but each step makes such a difference - I can actually see the end in sight.


After another couple of hours I eventually got the nose right!  I'm loving it and now actually feel that I would like to do more portraits!  Thanks Estelle


A fun and very rewarding glass painting workshop.  Well done everyone!  I know some of you won't be able to resist a trip to Hobbycraft for glass paints!!!!


Well - I went for another pastel session with Estelle Robinson today.  This picture is of my first effort to pastel my daughter, Alex.  Last week I had a go at one myself but I found it really tricky to find the right colours.  Not having done portraits before it's quite a challenge.  Anyway today Estelle thought that it was a base to work on.  After 3 hours it's definitely on the way.  Estelle is a great teacher - very patient and encouraging!!! Roll on the next session.


Lovely morning today!  Great results from a very talented group.  Amazing what can be achieved in 2 hours.  Only a few minutes in and everyone is hooked and they struggle to stop for coffee!  They're all off to buy materials to continue at home!

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