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I had a lovely day in Sellyoak at a client's home on Saturday.  Sue had invited a group of friends to join her for a needle felting workshop.  Such lovely results that didn't need any stitching on top.  Well done everyone!  If anyone is interested in doing the same please contact me.

Needle felting session in clients own home
Final result

A lovely weekend creating this lovely glass lead window.  Definite issues with achieving the correct colour but eventually painted over the green with lemon yellow a couple of times.  Love it

Previous glass leaded cafe curtain but having decorated I needed to change it!
Applying the lead
Adding the paint
Wet felting

Happy New Year to everyone.  As usual drank and ate far too much at Christmas and obviously going to continue in this vein until January 2.  

If you haven't tried felting you might like to try a different hobby.  There are still 2 spaces left on the wet felting workshop on Friday 13 January at Cawston - see workshop page for more details.
As for me I'm down in Padstow for New Year and taking more pictures to Karensa'sKarensa's Art Gallery for the next season.  I feel very honoured that they want my work!
Life is so manic isn't it- there's never enough time to do anything!  

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